We make hearing “You need a filling” Okay…


Many times when a tooth is decayed it can be restored to function with a dental filling. Teeth with small cavities or slight chips and fractures can oftentimes be fixed with a filling.  We offer several filling material choices to best suit the situation and your needs.

  • Composite Resin – Resin fillings, or “white fillings”, are made of a durable plastic material. These fillings are bonded into place with a dental adhesive and are the most esthetic direct restorations available.
  • Dental Amalgam – Amalgam fillings, or “silver fillings”, are a tried and true restorative material that has been around for ages.
  • Glass Ionomer – GI is a material that is used in low-stress bearing, low chewing force areas.  It is also a “white filling”, although not always as esthetic as resin restorations.  GI is a great alternative material for use in children, elderly patients, or patients who experience dry mouth, as it has the ability to absorb and release fluoride.

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